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ADS Zipper Continuous Nylon No.5 Zip with Sliders #5 Chain Zipper on Roll - Listing 1/2

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Features and further details

  • 1.5 and 5 METRE CONTINUOUS NYLON NO.5 ZIP #5 ZIPPER WITH 3 or 10 PULLERS DEPENDING ON THE LENGTH: 5 mm teeth nylon zips in different colours for providing sturdy support for your garments and sewing projects. Durable & Reliable Sturdy Zips along with the pullers in the same colour as the zip. smooth zip puller/slider allows you to use the zip easy and in a comfortable way.


  • GAP ON THE TAPE PROVIDED - VERY EASY TO PLACE & USE THE PULLER/SLIDER: Zip tapes have a GAP before teeth starts in order to easily place the Puller/Slider. Zips can be machine washed to hot and tumble dried on high if required.


  • HIGH QUALITY - zipper made of nylon teeth & waterproof fabric, hard-wearing and designed to last. These Continuous zips are loose and cut from a full roll. You can easily cut it to the desired length according to your needs. They are machine washable.


  • DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS: Nylon No.5 Continuous #5 zips are great for cushions, pillows, bags, bed linens, pockets, tents, gazeebos, DIY projects, upholstery, caravans, boats, sewing etc.


  • VERSATILE & SUITABLE: for sewing and replacement zipper on dresses, clothes, jackets, clothing, bags, luggage, cushions, sewers, designers, embroiders, and crafters of all levels of experience.