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How to get the most of ADS Zippers, best quality on market!

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The invention of the zipper was actually a necessity. Before World War I, people tried to close their clothes with a button that was large and difficult to close. Although it is difficult to mention a single inventor in the invention of the zipper, it can be said that the main contribution was made by Whitcomb L.Judson, a mechanical engineer from Chicago in 1893. Judson was studying tram and automobile developments in those years and making successful inventions. In 1891 Judson came up with the invention of the unlocking (binder) for shoes.


  • Before ironing the product, the zipper should be closed and ironed by covering it with tulle or fabric.
  • Product washing temperature should be between 30-50 degrees.
  • The zipper should be closed before the product is put into washing.
  • If the product is light color, oxid coated zippers should not be preferred.
  • Problems can be solved by applying soap to the teeth of the products that work slowly.
  • The weight of the zipper should be in the same proportion with the weight of the product to be sewn.
  • Zipper should be stored in a dry environment.
  • In order for the hidden zipper sewing to be smooth, a zipper sewing apparatus should be used.
  • In boot zippers, products with high burst test values should be preferred.
  • Especially for nylon boot zippers, T11 thread size should be preferred.




T3 - Baby and Kids Products, Light Coats

T6 - Coat, Tracksuit, Raincoat

T9 - Coat, Tracksuit


T3 - Light Garment Pockets, Light Bag Pockets, Ornament Accessories, Bag Spouts

T5 - Skirt, Trousers, Wedding Dress, Pocket, Front, Pillow, Duvet Cover, Dress Cover

T10 - Tracksuit, Coat, Overalls, Bag, Luggage, Upholstery, Suitcase

T11 - Boots, Boots, Shoes


T4 - Jeans and other jeans, T-shirts, Pockets, Thin Coats

T5 - Tracksuits, Coats, Jackets, Athletes, Boots, Bags, Pockets, Mes, Coat

T8 - Heavy Coats, Jackets



A1. All orders are accepted in writing. Verbal orders are not considered.
A2. Production surplus of up to 7% of zipper orders must be accepted by the customer.
A3. The price is 14 cm for zippers shorter than 14 cm, and 30 cm for combi zippers shorter than 30 cm.

B1. Requests for change or cancellation must be made in writing.
B2. Change or cancellation requests can be accepted or canceled, taking into account the production phase of the order.
B3. In case of cancellation, the cost of the production phase of the order is requested.

C1. Out of town transportation and insurance costs belong to the buyer.
C2. Our company is obliged to deliver the goods to the shipping company notified by the buyer.

D1. The tolerance in the length of the ordered zippers is + 5 mm. (The norms of the TURKISH STANDARDS INSTITUTE are valid for the tolerance of zipper lengths.)

E1. In order to achieve the desired color, a color sample of at least 5 cm X 5 cm must be sent. The color sample should be cut and sent from the fabric on which the zipper will be sewn.
E2. If the color sample is not sent, or if the sample is sent from a different fabric than the fabric itself, color accuracy should not be sought exactly to tone to tone. In such cases, our company does not accept responsibility and the price of the produced zipper is requested.
E3. Color studies for strips and sliders. Problems that may be encountered for quantities below the minimum boiler capacity are not covered by our warranty. This situation is deemed to have been accepted by the customer. The damages that may arise from the problems that may be encountered belong to the customer. Minimum bowl capacity is 3 kg for strip, 500 pieces for slider and pulley.

F1. Before any washing, the zippers must be completely closed.
F2. Problems that may arise from processing zippers such as bleaching, dyeing, washing and stone washing are the responsibility of the buyer.
F3. Our company is responsible for the zipper as it is delivered.
F4. Zippers to be sewn on different colors must be reported to our company in writing.
F5. Zippers should always be stored in a dry environment and in their packaging.
F6. Before using the zipper, the buyer company should check the conformity of the order.
F7. If the raw zippers are painted by the user, the responsibility belongs to the buyer.

G1. Delivered goods are not accepted, except for faulty ones. Faulty goods should be determined by the test reports of the textile laboratories of ISTANBUL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY.
G2. In case of any dispute, our company's responsibility is limited to replacing broken or faulty zippers with a new one.

In order to serve you better, it draws your attention to the issues determined and explained above,
We wish you success in your work on this occasion. Regards...